Enterprise Software Development
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Information Technology
* Enterprise Software Development & Web Design
* Computer Hardware Acquisition, installation & maintenance
* Internet & Network Communication: - LAN, WAN, VSAT, etc.

Building & Construction
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Projects undertaken include:-
* Architectural Design & Building
* Construction Works as well as the demolition of construction works
* Supply of building materials and labour.

Powerful IT Solutions
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Products & Services Include:
* School Management Software - mySchool
* School Result Processing Software - iGrade
* Hospital Management Software - SmartCare
* Inventory Software - iTracker
* Fleet Management Software - iVessel
* Custom Website & Web portal Solutions

Complex design
... simplified...

We remove the mystery and aggravation out of complex design and technology,and present a clear and measurable roadmap to our clients

...Adding a touch of class...

We break barriers for our clients, ensuring that they maximize their full business potentials.

Why Us:- We provide:

* Creative Business Solutions
* Quality support 24/7

Welcome to Bronzebit Consult Ltd

At BronzeBit Consult, you find a team-oriented environment where individuals are valued for their passion to use the very latest technologies to drive business results for clients.

  BronzeBit Consult uses latest and emerging technologies to develop high performing solutions for Businesses, Companies, Schools, Healthcare, Federal Geovernment Parastatals, Insurance Companies,etc

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"We will go the mile to make you smile"


F.G.C.E June 14, 2011

Adopts our result processing software - iGrade

Spring of life Int'l Schools Nov 11, 2011

Adopts mySchool and iGrade as well

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"The success of our business is not measured  by our  profit margin but by the satisfaction our customers derive by just being our customers"