We enjoy building experiences. Come join us.

Bronzebit Consult Ltd was established in August 2011. The Company started out as a core ICT/IT Company but later transitioned into a multi-facetted organization participating in a variety of industries. We are the backbone of a host of Government and Corporate establishments, providing both IT and Management Services as they require to optimize decision making.

Our role as a support structure is enhanced by the range of experience garnered across multiple industries, as our specialty runs across Information Technology; Enterprise Software development, Computer hardware acquisition - installation & maintenance, Management Information System (MIS) design and development; Consultancy Services; Management, Education, Building and Construction, Taxation, Accounting/Finance and Investment Analysis.

Our integrity and determination to give our clients the very best, sets us apart from the pack. We also ensure to carry our clients along in the execution of our mandate to them, ensuring that they are better informed to appreciate the magic we weave into our services.

Our Mission
To make our clients stand out of the crowd because, we'll go the mile, to make them smile.
"The success of our business is not measured by our profit margin but by the satisfaction our customers derive by just being our customers"

Our Vision
To be positioned as a leading Solution Oriented Company, in Africa.

Our Motto
Oozing with potential, leading change

We have a good management team and workforce that is second to none. We possess the expertise necessary to maintain the highest level of growth best known in the industry.